Welcome To the World of

Allie Harrison

Come. Take a walk with me. Step onto the path leading into the world of the unknown, the unexplained, the suspenseful, the creepy, even perhaps the terrifying! Because that is what Allie Harrison delves into–stories that will have you on the edge of your seat and keep you awake at night wondering what that latest sound was. Thank you for joining me. Now get out your flashlight and make certain the batteries aren’t dead as we venture into a well-known haunted house: HARGROVE HOUSE.

Who exactly is Will Dalton?

As the new owner of Hargrove House, Will Dalton wants nothing more than to bring the abandoned, haunted house back to its original grandeur. Being the successful businessman he is, he has the funds to get the job done. He’s fearless, strong, a leader in every sense and says he’s not afraid of a ghost or two. He is also a man of mystery and secrets. At the same time, he knows what he wants, sets a plan into action in order to acquire it, and he doesn’t let anything stop him until he sees that plan through. And when he hires Torrie Reynolds to decorate the house as it was before the original owner vanished without trace, Torrie soon learns he is a man who doesn’t accept the word ‘no.’

But who is Will Dalton really? How does he know so much about Hargrove House? How does he know so much about Torrie?

And what is he doing in the cellar?

As Torrie comes closer to learning the answers, she discovers there are things more terrifying than ghosts.




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