Welcome To Fall!

So do you love October, Fall, The Halloween season as much as I do? Do you dress up for All Hallow’s Eve, enjoy the trick-or-treaters, or leave your light off and just have a glass of wine with a fire in the hearth? Both of my books in my Haunted series start off in the Fall, mostly because it’s my favorite time of year.

There is just something fun, inviting, and exciting about sitting out around a bonfire on a crisp evening, enjoying s’mores, and telling ghost stories!

And that is exactly how I came up with my ideas for HARGROVE HOUSE and MONTGOMERY MANOR. While, yes I do like to visit haunted houses, there is something more real for me sitting by a fire with a group of friends talking and telling stories. After all, I can spend hours in a haunted house and never see or hear one thing. But sitting outside under the stars, the only light coming from a fire, while someone grabs my attention and sends my heart pounding with a great story is so fun. Especially when there’s a noise out in the dark and someone says, “Did you hear that? What was that?”

So enjoy this time of year. Take some time to sit around a fire with those you love to be with. Listen to their stories and tell a few of your own. Enjoy something warm and a gooey s’more. It’s winter all too quickly!

Or spend the evening by the fire enjoying a good spooky read like HARGROVE HOUSE or MONTGOMERY MANOR. By the way, the books in my Haunted Series are stand alone books. You don’t need to read them in any particular order.

You can find all my books on Amazon or just click on the covers below. Enjoy and have a super spooky Halloween!




If you were walking on a crisp, fall evening in the above picture, which direction would you take? Where would it lead? Who (or what) would you meet?


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