Welcome to November!

Halloween may be over, but the scares are not ending! The Haunted #1 HARGROVE HOUSE is still available at $2.99.

And now for this month, the Haunted #2 MONTGOMERY MANOR is available for $0.99! Just click on the picture below to find it.

You don’t have to read these books in any particular order. All of my books are stand alone books.

I hope as the cooler weather settles in, you have a cozy fire, a nice cup of tea, a warm, fun sweater, and a good read. When you’re not tucked in with one of my good books, I hope you’re outside enjoying the fall sunshine and the brilliant burst of colors as the leaves change. Or perhaps you’re enjoying a bonfire with friends, sharing some wine and s’mores. It’s the season for it.

In my HARGROVE HOUSE, Torrie, Will, and Eleanor spend the beautiful fall afternoon having lunch outside at the gazebo. Do you have a gazebo or do you prefer a simple blanket on the grass for a picnic? Do you have a firepit or a fireplace? Do you even need a fire? And what would you choose to eat? Torrie, Will, and Eleanor enjoy Torrie’s favorite chicken salad.

Whatever you enjoy, spend some time with those you love. Take a moment to look up at the stars or at the sunset, enjoy something sweet such as a s’more, and don’t wait to say what needs to be said. As Torrie learned the hard way in HARGROVE HOUSE, life it too short to waste a moment of it!

HARGROVE HOUSE: What waits for her in the cellar?

As a child, Torrie Reynolds entered the haunted Hargrove House on a dare. Terrified by what she’d heard while inside Hargrove House, she avoided it since.
Now fifteen years later, Will Dalton offers Torrie the job of refurbishing it, and she has no choice but to take the offer to keep her business afloat.
As the house is restored and rooms come alive with character and color Torrie brings to them, her fear of the house fades. Hargrove House begins to even feel like home to her. With each finished renovation project, it is harder for Torrie to leave. It is even harder for her to leave the comfort of Will Dalton’s arms.
But she discovers there are things more terrifying than ghosts when she learns why Will is digging in the dark, frightening cellar…

MONTGOMERY MANOR:  Welcome to Montgomery Manor, a beautiful Bed & Breakfast complete with gorgeous guest rooms, a five-star restaurant, and a haunting history of true love, betrayal, and murder…
When soulmates Quint and Meg Falkner inherit moldering Montgomery Manor, they are in way over their heads. With a bit of faith and strange push they cannot ignore, they jump head first into bringing the large, compelling house back to its original grandeur.
But something is different…something is…wrong. Quint isn’t acting himself, and Meg keeps seeing visions, images of the past seeping into her very soul. When Meg becomes the target of a mysterious, dangerous admirer, her world implodes, leaving her vulnerable to the otherworldly inhabitants of the house…the very house calling out to her, its secrets begging to be uncovered.
Endless corridors, echoing darkness, and hidden treasure weave together in this tale of everlasting love and second chances.
Can Meg and Quint make a new life for themselves in Montgomery Manor, or will Montgomery Manor’s secrets tear them apart forever?


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Take a walk through the woods and enjoy this time of year! Find all of my books at:1


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